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Did you know that there's a secret conspiracy by teenage boys to get into girls' pants? Yes, it's true. Every year, millions of teenage boys meet in an undisclosed location to review, refine and create put-out lines. From old faithfuls like "If you love me..." to more recent entries like "face down ass up", all lines are actually invented by a secret think tank that distributes them through the secret teenage boy newsletter "Getting Some".

If you don't believe me, here's a simple proof: Just watch any teenage boy, anywhere, any time, when he's with a girl. THEY'RE ALL USING THE SAME LINES! THEY'RE ALL USING THE SAME TECHNIQUES! How can this be coincidence? It MUST be a conspiracy!

Seriously folks, just because everyone's walking in the same direction doesn't mean there's a consipiracy. 'Conspiracy' has a very specific meaning, and requires secret conversations and strategy sessions at minimum. No one so far has come up with anything more than "they're all using the same lines" to "prove" the existance of a conspiracy.

Ultimately, there's a lot of NS fanboyism for the same reason there's a lot of Burton hateboyism. Because people pick up on commonly expressed attitudes and repeat them because it makes them sound like an insider. NS has a number of attributes that make it a natural for fanboyism:

1) The boards are consistently good (not BEST, just GOOD)
2) The graphics are consistently something that an adult wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen on.
3) They're "made in the USA", which let's face it, is important to a lot of people.

Invoking a conspiracy theory to explain this is just multiplying complexities unnecessarily. But feel free, as long as it doesn't get personal. This is after all a discussion forum.

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