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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
You're putting words in MY mouth now Ippy. I didn't say you were accusing us of anything. But when you make the assertions that you do in a debate about the design team, you INSINUATE that the design team members are acting in a manner that is highly biased. Yes, of course there will be some bias, but it's not as crazy as you think. A number of us have already told you guys numerous times that the possible bias is offset by these facts:

1) Some of us work in the Snowboard industry which means we have access to much more than free Never Summer. This fact is something you seem to ignore in all of your ranting.

2) Many of the Design team members were already customers of NS. Look at Triple8Sol. The guy owned multiple NS boards and I even remember him purchasing them for friends.

3) Never Summer has proven to you guys that they take feedback. Go look at the 2014 Never Summer thread. They changed the cobra graphics again this year due to forum feedback.

This is what they ultimately want. Good feedback bad or good. But of course there is marketing behind it as well. They are still a business after all. It's not like they are some random company coming here to buy people out. They aren't giving boards to random people. They picked the most vocal of us? Well of course they did. We are the ones that constantly review products and help with gear questions. But you see, there are quite a few on the team that barely even post and give advice even less. Do you seriously recognize all the names on the design team as being loud? I personally didn't even know who Shredler was. Fatbob isn't known for reviews on this forum.

So when you say they picked the loudest members, you're really only talking about Me, Snowolf, and Extremo. Triple8Sol too maybe...

Again, you guys are free to think whatever you want. Obviously we can't convince everyone. I have provided you with as much honest information as I could including copying and pasting an email from Vince.

And since you keep ignoring fact 1... Let me reiterate that NS is not the only product that I have access to for free. So tell me again how I can possibly be biased? Same goes for others on this team. Triple8, how can he possibly be biased just from this design team subject? He BOUGHT many NS boards prior to this. If he's biased, it's from making purchases out if his own pocket.

Another fact you ignored... This forum had plenty NS hype long before the design team that started with Wolf and Myself. You complain now because they included more members? Why? What's the point?

And please, stop insulting my intelligence. You've become quite condescending. No need for that nonsense.

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Leo (or anyone) - the reason you didn't know who Shredler was is because she just joined. As did:


That makes FOUR new sbf/NS design team members joining here during the recent time of Dec '12 and Jan '13. It does seem suspect when considered that way.
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