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My point of view:

Every single snowboard company in the world has a bunch of randoms that get free / discount gear. They all rep their companies to varying degrees.

I take internet opinions worth a grain of salt. Unless I can ride with the person I have no idea how they compare with my skill level and experience.

Half of the riders on this list ride very different terrain than I. Others ride a lot less than I do. So their opinions, while valid, may not apply to me.

However, the only thing I strongly believe in is full disclosure. If you are getting compensated in any way for something. You need to discolose that fact.

I'm not saying anyone on this list would be biased in a review. Hopefully they'll still point out some of the flaws in the never summer line up. Hopefully never summer wont freak out and muzzle them.

As long as they say "Hey I'm an official reviewer for never summer here is what I think about this board" we are all good
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