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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
I'm not singling you out or being hostile Eat. I'm not being hostile to anyone. Actually, the reverse is true in my mind. I'm getting hostility as a Design Team member.

Countless comments insinuating that we are going to biased because of free gear. Yet over and over my point is ignored that myself and others have access to other free gear and have had that access for quite some time. The other point being ignored that a lot of the other team members were pre-existing NS customers.

I do agree some bias will result. That's human nature and you can't knock anyone for that. You even have bias as a person who purchases a product because now you have to deal with the fact that you spent a good chunk of change on the product. In fact, it could be argued that people who pay for their gear are much more prone to bias. Which actually supports my prior point that the NS hype is from customers, not the Design Team or NS themselves.

Hopefully some of you can understand this and still treat our reviews like you did before we became a part of the NS Design Team.

By the way Eat, I'll happily join your review team so go on ahead and send me some gear.
Okay cool, Leo, thanks. I understand you're passionate yet sensitive about being viewed as biased when your bias is a natural type that we all have to some degree (because you genuinely like a product). I never thought the reviews will be skewed based on "free gear." I know better than that, I have good friends in the industry, and I have a pretty good feel for you all pre-DT members to know your personalities a bit. Again, congrats to you all. It must be cool to be part of something like that, so enjoy the ride.

As for being a part of my review team? That depends on how much room and time you and Mrs. Leo have for 1200lb prey animals Lmk, I'll arrange transport

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
You guys just don't listen do you?

Neversummer is NOT paying for this in any way that I am aware of. I, as an admin made the the decision to create the subforum and the responsibility for that is mine and mine alone. I invited Neversummer to use this platform because I see it as beneficial to Vertical Sports by increasing web traffic. This format allows for free and open discussion of the review process which is what Neversummer wants. They could have selected a design team and had everybody post reviews to their website and moderate those reviews as they see fit and disallow debate but they didn't.

The decision was mine as admin and representative of Vertical Sports not Neversummer. I don't represent Neversummer in any way nor do any of the team members so any perched hostility is not the responsibility of Neversummer.

I made this decision and I stand by it. You people have a choice to make; either accept it and give it a chance to work or leave. I will say this however, just as we closed the politics section because the bickering became overly problematic, with 2 clicks of the mouse, we can disable the entire equipment section so that no one reviews ANY board so its fair. Keep pushing the issue and trying to silence honest review and that is exactly what will happen.

Now I am pulling into the Meadows parking lot ride so later peeps!

Oh and for the record, I'm riding my Gnu Billy Goat today!
Originally Posted by Me
If that is the case, I hope NS is paying VS for that level of exposure. If not, I'm going to recruit a Team for my business and assemble them here!

And if that is true, then call it what it is: Advertising.

Which is FINE. If it's marketing using an unbiased test team, design team, whatever it's fine. But call it what it is then if it's not what it appears to be.

I have to say the hostility in responses is NOT helping their cause imo.
"If's" are not claims or accusations.

As for the other highlighted text, it seems hostile (to me) that some are being told "to leave" if questions or comments are made on this merger. The threat of shutting down the Equip Review forum seems a little extreme? Did I miss a post where someone was trying to silence honest reviews? Haven't gotten that sense from this thread.

Anyway. Have a fun day on your Gnu Billy Goat!
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