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Originally Posted by The Intern View Post
My quick 2 cents...

1) Free product will ALWAYS influence somebodies opinions/bias. That's just a fact of life. If you disagree you are just being ignorant. You may not even be doing it on purpose, but subconsciously things are skewed.

2) Tact. Both sides of this argument have used very little tact in the way opinions have been expressed. The way i read this thread it came off as though the "Design Team" members came off with a sense of entitlement because of their fortunate situation. That is not going to sit well with the casual reader. Tact should also be used in recommendations of gear to those searching for answers to questions. The whole "shoving NS down people's throats" way of doing it is not tactful. Again, to the casual reader that is exactly what most of this forum does.

3) Reviews to this forum are completely worthless, period. One man's junk is another man's treasure. There are infinite variables to each and every persons thoughts on a specific peace of equipment. Reviews (or feedback) to a company alone is/can be beneficial, thus part of the role of the "Design Team".

4) Kind of unrelated to the actual topic at hand, but internet forums have just gotten out of hand.
I missed this. What I just interpreted is free product will always influence your opinion. Sorry you can't be objective. Assuming everyone has this problem is ignorant.

Who the fuck is 'entitled'? If I weren't on a NS I'd still be riding one of my dozen other's not like I have an advantage over another snowboarder, we're both fucking snowboarding.

Reviews are worthless says you. I could find 1000 others who think completely otherwise. Casual readers have already asserted so in this thread. I actually read all the reviews. Fuck I'm going to buy a BSOD based on a review here.

And even though there is definitely nuance with riding style and preference of product, I'm finding I'm having very similar experiences with others who've posted about the same shit I'm riding. Almost to the same exact language I planned on using in my review. You're blowing shit way out of proportion here. I kind of feel bad you're this upset.
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