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Originally Posted by Varza View Post
I was bored! But there was also the annoying feeling of hunger. I would drink some water and then nap and it would stop bothering me, even after I woke up. Weird...
I figured! I remember feeling like I had way more time, not eating and prepping three meals probably resulted in a good 2 hours a day more free time. Which is a lot! If/when I choose to fast again I'll probably have some more things planned. Play guitar, read more (maybe get a new book?), have a mild sauna, plan a leisurly walk around a lake or something.

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
I find this very interesting, besides less sleep, and more energy, did you notice any effects on your mind? Did you experience more clarity of thinking? Any heightened senses? Things like that? Or on the other side a dulling of senses or thinking? Why did/do you do this? Is it to detoxify?
I got mild headaches when fasting, very mild and more of an "unclear" feeling during the fast. Afterwords I always felt great. It's amazing how GREAT a glass of orange juice tastes after fasting for a few days! And it's amazing how much energy you get from a very small amount of food.

What initially got me involved was a book my dad had on a shelf at the cottage. I would have been about 18 or so, picked up this book and started asking him about it. He did a couple fasts in the 80's and 90's so I think I actually did my first one with him. We made a vegetable broth and then strained it, and had nothing but that and water for a few days at the cottage.

There are mixed views of it's effect, or even whether there's any health benefit at all. Champions of it say it gives your digestive system a rest, detoxifies, cleanses, etc. Detractors say is does a number on your system, can weaken immune response, etc. I happen to thing a short (week or less) fast of either water, or a light juice/veg broth and water fast is not going to have a massive effect on your system either way. So I guess I'm from the "it's fun and I like the way it makes me feel" camp.

Originally Posted by sabatoa View Post
I've done 3 day fasts and the first two days you can almost taste the toxins coming out of you. By day 3 I'm always feeling great and have the idea I could go longer, I never do though.

One thing to be aware of with fasting, it farks with your metabolism. I dropped like 12 pounds on my most recent 3 day fast and then proceeded to gain 20 because my body went into survival mode and stored all my cals.
Yeah it's amazing how by the end of the second day you usually feel like you could go forever! Third day is easy but by then you're really getting bored of not eating. Again I think the key for me next time will be to have a LOT of things to occupy my brain!

Some suggest fasting for weight loss and this is a HORRIBLE way to lose weight on it's own. What it does do for me is break the psycological habit of having to be "full" every time I eat, and that's a good thing. I think if you did a short fast, and then eased back into a more natural (or I guess I should saw raw) eating plan it could very well lead to a more healthy lifestyle. Fatty foods sure tasted gross to me for a few days after fasting each time!

I think this is a very honest article about the potential effects and dangers of fasting: Are Fasting Diets Safe and Effective?

Here's an article describing a 21 day cycle (8 day fast, 3 to come off the fast, and 10 days of mostly a raw food diet) - Fasting How To's What I typically do is about half of that diet, but I do the first 4 days with water and green tea (no sweetener), the next day or so with juices, and then I try not to pig out on steak for the next 5 days or so.
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