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Wow, this thread blew up.

Everyone needs to relax, these are snowboards we are talking about not nuclear missiles.

For what its worth I intend to be as honest as I can and as objective as I can.

No review or reviewer can claim total objectivity since that is just not a human trait.

In my first proto review I gave glowing praise for the board as well as pointing out its weak points.

At that point I had 0 connections with NS and was just talking as a rider who bought (at full price) a board that suited his needs.

If I like any of the new boards as much will I be called out as biased if I praise them in the same way?

As many have said take reviews with a grain of salt, demo if possible then (wo) man up and make your choice.

I personally would welcome similar projects from other brands and think it would be great for the forum and riders trying to choose a board. The more information you can gather before you buy the better.

Rome, Burton, Arbor, Nitro, Flow I am available to test your products.
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