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Well I doubt anyone will care what some fucktard from the southeast would say on this forum but I'll say it anyway just because...

I'm a noob, I started riding last year on a 2012 Burton Clash. I picked things up pretty quickly because I was riding with others who were way more advanced than me, and I knew that I wanted to get another board for the start of the 2012/2013 season to advance my own riding further. I did a lot of research of different types of boards and a lot of that research was done through this website. I ultimately decided on a NS SL, which I have ridden all year. I had high expectations based on all the "hype" that most of you are talking about, and I can honestly say that the board delivered and then some. The difference between my Clash and the SL is night and day for me. That's not a knock on Burton, it's just my endorsement of SL. Not everyone has the financial ability or need for an entire quiver of several boards. I don't need an all-mountain or powder deck because I just don't have that much mountain to ride where I live. With that said, I wanted to buy the best quality board I could that would last me a long time. I read review after review of people who owned NS boards (besides those on the review team) who swore by NS's because of their dampness and durability, so I jumped on one. I will rep NS to others who are asking about board suggestions because that's what I know and that's what has worked for me.

It honestly seems to me like a lot of people on here are butthurt because they aren't getting in on the review team. For those of you so convinced that these reviews will be biased, why don't you just take the review with a grain of salt and move along? These reviews haven't even been written yet but many are still mad that the reviews will be biased. I don't get it
I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that wished I could have gotten to do something as cool as be part of a review team like this. But, the truth is, I have limited experience on a board. It would be pretty difficult to me to give an honest opinion of a board and compare it to others when I've only ridden a few boards and am not even a good enough rider to push a board to the limits needed for an honest, objective review. I would love to write a review for my SL, but unfortunately I don't think it would be beneficial to anyone as I can't articulate what is better about it than other boards. All I know is it is enjoyable as hell to ride and I like how responsive it is. If that makes me biased then so be it. In defense of the riders on the review team who are active on this site, I have yet to see them trash a non-NS brand and promote only NS. I don't see it happening and if by some crazy chance that it does, that's when people have the right to complain.

The truth is I'm looking forward to reading these reviews. As a ice coast guy, I don't get to ride a lot of big mountains. Most people gravitate towards park here in the southeast because that's all we have to do. I'm looking forward to reading Extremo's reviews on the Evo to see if it's the board for me. Until I've been given a reason to doubt the review teams objectiveness, I'm going read and trust their reviews. If you don't happen to believe these guys reviews are unbiased, then I suggest you just skip the review and check out some other boards.

(and I second ArsenalFan's suggestion for some NS coupon love...)
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