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Originally Posted by RockSteady View Post
You are off-- Most of the people who work at resorts suck at riding and are beginner intermediate riders unless your talking about a good Park Staff, even most instructors suck (although they'll tell you different). Good riders are not gonna work for minimum wage at a Nazi ski resort 5 days a week. And what happens when you want to go out of bounds or haul ass, ur not just gonna get chased your gonna get fired, fuck that-- That does not = good riding or money or peace of mind. Working at a resort is good for making some friends if your the type of person who needs a job to make friends in a new place and a free pass, that really it...not my thing, resorts get a constant supply of new idiots with dreams that working at a ski resort = a lot of boarding and fun to take advantage of each year.
while this is true, not all folks that work the hill are least here...there are some monster s. I would guarentee that if you spend a season working here, you will improve.

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