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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Yea I was just fucking with you, but going around saying "I'm an advanced rider, how do I catch air." Is just asking for it.
+1!!! It does come across as odd. And bigmountain, I rode with a bunch of hardbooters a few weeks ago. Lots of them can catch air even between their turns, let alone off rollers and lips. Sure they're not doing grabs or spins, but I'd say being comfortable leaving the snow for a second and returning to it is almost a pre-requisite for calling yourself "advanced".

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
I realize the classifications are there for getting help on the internet, but "doing black runs" only means that you maybe have passed beginnerhood.
Here's my rough guess at our little forum/internet classification:

Beginner = From brand new to able to do dynamic turns on blues, and falling leaf on anything steeper. You may hop on flat terrain to try to feel what a board is like in the air. In the park you ride over the small jumps but don't get any air, you may ride over some of the boxes.

Intermediate = Able to dynamically turn, and maybe do the occasional carve on most on-piste terrain, spend some time on moderate off-piste runs, in the park this is somebody that can hit rails and some of the smaller jumps clean

Advanced = comfortable on the board, can handle moguls, carve (not skid) any on-piste terrain, comfortable getting some air off rollers, lips, able to make it through almost all off-piste terrain although sometimes resorts to sliding down the steepest chutes, for a park rider they're doing 360s, grabs, etc. off bigger features

Expert = Enjoys all off-piste terrain, jumps off-piste, handling small cliffs, steep chutes, variable snow, can carve HARD on hardpacked snow with confidence, takes chances with bigger air on-piste, for the park rider you're executing big tricks off big jumps

Professional = You're an expert who has been lucky enough to get paid to do it, and when the camera's on you you'll drop off 20-30 foot cliffs instead of 10 footers.

just my $.02 of course!
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