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Originally Posted by john doe View Post
For $106 that is not a bad buy in any way. Even if you upgrade they will still be good back ups. My Burton goretex gear was bought used off of ebay. I don't regret buying used one bit. I paid ~$250 for a set that retailed for $700.
--- I really wish i would have gotten some replies before i put the order in. I am new to the scene so i just went off of what i read... According to the article/review i read (independent from neff or grenade) "the jacket is light, but don't let that fool you. It kept me very warm."

So i just went off of that really. I started boarding last year and borrowed all my gear from a friend (same size luckily) the only bad experience i had was wet gloves/cold hands... His gear seemed to be around the same thickness, idk about quality... but once i did a run or 2, i was sweating bullets. The glove situation ruined my day though. Was so bad to the point that my fingers were literally turning blue in color.

Originally Posted by TacomaDoA View Post
$106 isn't bad at all. Just remember that if you use them and they aren't working out as well as you would like, that they were basically only $53 each. Like John Doe said, when you upgrade they will be good backups.

From what I understand, the Northeast gets cold as tits so I would make sure that you have enough insulating layers because that Neff jacket certainly doesn't have very much if any.
--- The only person i had helping me was my girlfriend, and she isn't very well informed. Just kept warning me VT slopes are WAY colder than PA slopes. As i said above, i went off of what i read since nobody responded for a few days. Yeah though, 106 for pants and jackets isn't half bad lol. I tried the stuff on, and the jacket has those clips on the underskirt which is a nice feature. The jacket i wore last year didn't have that.

Once i throw on my under armor, thermal pants and thermal shirt, i am pretty sure i will be good to go with the layers/warmth issue on my body.

Is there any gloves that you would recommend from the clearance section on I would rather save a few bucks and get last years models. Again my ignorance comes into play and not knowing what to get.
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