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it is almost as if you could condemn yourself as being one of those non-committal type people, who just go thru phases and fads.....

i know what you mean. since i started playing hockey again last winter, my thoughts of sideways slide became less. my dreams were full of ice rink shinanigans, not mountainous ones. hell the other passion in my life, scuba diving, is more like a once every two or three year thing now... rather than a must do annual event.

however, the simple fact that you are worried that you sense no passion, is evidence that the passion remains inside you. afterall, if you didn't care, you would pay no mind to it.

be reassurred that your love for the sideways slide is as strong as it ever was, due to the very existence of this thread!

if you have found something to occupy yourself with in the off season... then good for you! it is better than going into stasis!

at the very worst, in this cliquey, image is everything world of 'extreme sports gnar', you might have to consider yourself a long boarder who snowboards.... or vice versa come winter.... but really who fucking cares?

when it snows, go ride. you will know it is still important to you.

Just coz you don't understand it
Doesn't mean it makes no sense!
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