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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
...I like to use some arm motion as a counterweight. On my toeside I point them out towards the slope to get shift my weight further off centre (and if I hit rough terrain I can pull them back in to regain my balance), and then on my heelside I bring them in closer to my body. Kind of like thrusting movements! Ha! ...
Hey Poutanen,.. I tried a little of what you were suggesting here my last couple of trips out. Turns out when I'm not "thinking about it," ...not on camera consciously focusing on trying to avoid the Mystery Date look! Seems I already do pretty much what you were talking about. Maybe not quite as pronounced as all that, but I did notice, almost by accident, that when I'm on a really fast ( for me anyway,) run My arms are moving a bit fore & aft in my turns & heel/toe transitions. Acting as a counter weight/balance sort of thing just like you mentioned.

So,.. "Slap My Ass & call me Spanky!!!" I guess I DO ride "Disco Style" after all!!! just gotta work on Carving & not "SKarving!"

{Later Edit}
...I didn't notice it when I edited or posted the vid clip on pg. 2 of this thread, but if you pay attention to my shadow on the steep groomed run, you can tell that I'm using my arms just as you described!!!
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