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Originally Posted by oneplankawanka View Post
Its hard to get anything done when the pretender and thief can veto anything and everthing he dislikes...or doesen't bode well for his crony shill appointees and the military industrial complex.. so socialism is good when it comes to bailing out corrupt CEO's and greedy bloodsucking corporations but not when it comes to health care or offering help to everyday people?? and we taxpayers end up holding the bag...get real "The best socialist republic we can muster?? only when it comes to the haves and the have mores??? we need change man..
That's a pretty weak excuse for not showing up on the hill to at least vote on stuff. As for the AIG and Fannie bail outs, that HAD to be done. Without going into a long economic explanation, leaving fannie/freddie/AIG to go under would have caused a global depression that would make the Great Depression looks like a rainy day at the park. And companies like AIG got wrapped up in other people's mess. They insure things like loans. They actually have 78billion MORE in assests than they have debt. They just can't convert those assest to cash overnight. And they didn't need to until panic and naked short selling bottomed out their stock in just days.

I know people keep making the lame "we could have national health care instead!" but if it weren't for these bail outs, health care would be the last thing on our minds.

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