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Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
You really felt the need to pick up on that? If it makes you happy, go ahead and continue to pose with your branded toys (a good percentage of which you routinely misspell) and do your resort riding on an Ultralight clad in AK gear.
Pick up on what?

My choices of AK gear, or some $850 snowboard makes me pose with "branded toys"? Last I saw AK (let alone goretex) seemed pretty pedestrian at my most recent trip to whistler, and after tax pretty much every NS board in my city costs $750. AK seems like a pretty common brand on this forum. Am I wrong?

I buy all sorts of snowboard gear, but in this sport you dont have to have money to buy the best a few times over. I know some guys here have spent 5k+ on a bike (not to mention upgrades). Do they pose too?

As far as the choices around other brands I consider quality trust me when I say you have never heard of them, and you never will.

Ill admit my grammar and spelling isn't the best, but then again english isn't my first language, and I normally reply from my iphone with little care.

BTW how many languages do you speak?

On a side note no one here has proper grammar all the time or gives a shit. Do you really want me to go back in the history of your posts and call out your grammatical errors?

I dont have to reach to far. I only have to look one post down

Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
Not how it works, but never mind.
That is not a complete sentence. I'm not an english prof, so perhaps someone else can step in, but if you are going to criticize someone on something you're are guilty of you better be sure you shit doesnt stink.

Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
Still missing the point. Fail.
Ill quote you below regarding your grammar above
Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
I weep for you response

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