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I really like Salvia because it's something you can do if you're bored but you have obligations later. Like, you're out of this world for 10-20 minutes (assuming you smoke it properly), and might have a head fuck for another hour or so, but you can function. Don't get me wrong, I love smoking buddha, but you're looking at a good 3 hours at least before you can (or at least I can) function properly. E and coke are nice for late night partying type of thing but that's another thing you kind of have to commit to. Opiates/Downers are always good, you'll feel good but none of them do you get as strong a hallucinogenic experience as you do with salvia. Addy's and stackers I really only use if I'm doing homework or going to the gym... The only thing that has been more of a concrete hallucination for me has been acid... but that's not something I ever want to do with any regularity. Of course there's a time and place for every thing... but salvia's definitely carved a niche in my mind.
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