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so you have decided to quit? well that is often the toughest part of the process... the realisation of the need / desire to quit something that is ultimately fucking terrible for you.

i smoked for the best part of 15 years; at its peak about 15 ciggies a day. but mainly about 4 or 5. the one saving grace to my quitting completely tho, was that for all that time, i knew that one day i would wish to stop smoking and so i never, ever smoked in association with anything.

you know how people have a fag right after food / sex / with a beer etc.... i never did that. if i thought i would want a tar fix, then i would have one before. consequently, i can eat / drink / shag, finish and that is that.... there is no 'what comes next...? kinda thing.

as far as quitting proper (as opposed to the above 'preparation to quit') there are two things to do, and it really is that simple....

no patches, no gum, no counselling, no buddies, no 10 point plans......

2. KNOW that if you smoke another fag EVER (such as one offered to you by a friend etc) then you will be the biggest, most pathetic pussy whoever cursed the planet.

basically, metal the fuck up and just stop. that is the philosophy.

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