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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
I was approached. I denied. I also wasn't told I'd be a part of this "team". If I had known that's what I was being approached for the denial wouldn't have been because of company conflict, but because this isn't a good idea. Giving product for reviews is a sponsored review. No way around that. The idea of splitting the board review section up so that it isn't overwhelmed by one brand is a great idea, just like it was with the 2014 preview thread. That's all I'll say for now, bitch at me if you want, you wont get a response.
So how does it work with the bindings you get to review on the Angry Snowboarder site? Is getting product in that instance considered a "sponsored review"? Genuinely interested, not out to troll or cause more angst on what is perceived corporate bribery vs remaing true to core values etc.
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