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Originally Posted by smokebelch109 View Post
Hey Wired, so after reading this advice i have obeyed but want your input. Great post btw.

Height: 6"4
Weight: 190lb
Foot: 29.5cm
Neversummer Heritage 162cm
Width at insert: 27.0cm
Stance angle 15/-15

At that angle i will roughly lose 1cm off the effective length of my foot across the board, never thought Pythagoras Theorem would EVER come in handy, i think i owe my maths teacher an apology. This still leaves me at 28.5cm vs a 27cm board width. Is this too much?

I posted my height etc to make sure i'm looking at the correct board length. I asked the shop to measure the Heritage X also but they dont have it in stock, will i be ok with a regular heritage or should i look in to sizing the heritage x too?

1.5 cm is great. .75 cm toe and heelside is a solid fit. Personally I would rather go a narrower and get the extra resonsiveness but the wide (X) will be ~ 1cm wider and will leave you enough overhang for great leverage.

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