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Originally Posted by neshawnp View Post
Real hip hop is not even something. Tastes in music and how our feeling at the time make it relateable more or less. Regardless, I'm surprised no one mentioned gangstarr. Its like they are a staple in skate n snow vids. Funk west coast, DPG, earlier 213, early BBC, epmd-back to business or a lot of mid 90s def jam. Love onyx grimey rap 2nd album beats so dirty. RIP JMJ. Lost boyz legal drug money. CNN War report, nore solo. Bone thugs e1999. . AEOM 2PAC, early outlast aquemini is classic. My first taste of south was goodie mob soul food, before the term dirty south was coined outside of atl. Southern tracks by organized noise. Dungeon family. After 2000...eclipse lord willin, p crack Lotta mix tape rappers, a-team, fan has a bunch of really good street content good beat'd mix tapes. Saigon, tons of material produced by jus blaze. Oh yea KILLA can n dip set. Not the most consistent but they got jewels. Then there's staples like wu catalogye, nas, jAy(reasonable doubt). Choclair dropped an album 'from the crate' or something that I highly recommend as being a rap nerd. Love rap music. Peace yall
well obviously a lot of those groups and artists are staples in what real old school hip hop was, but he was asking what happened to real hip hop so i was inclined to include people who have put out albums within the last couple years or are still putting good shit out. good list though.
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