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NX2 summary

For any late comers to this thread, allow me to distill some of the key points regarding NX2s from the previous 39 pages (which I've just're welcome ) :

  • I don't own a set of NX2's (yet).
  • As always, there'll be disagreement on each of the points below. Some people have had no problems at all, and love their NX2s; others have had what I'd call "deal-breaker" issues. What I've tried to show below is (in my opinion) the consensus what the majority of commenters seem to be saying.
  • If in doubt, please ask someone who actually knows (eg. Wiredsport). I'm just a guy trying to decide which ones to get myself...probably just like you. So don't take my word for it...

Key Points:
  1. General consensus seems to be: excellent bindings, most owners seem to be happy with the performance
  2. The difference between the four NX2 models, in terms of flex/stiffness, is minimal (i.e. nuanced, not radically different), and only differs in the upper 1/3 of the highback
  3. On the hybrid strap/toe cap models (GT / SE), there have been some concerns over the design of the toe cap. People complaining that the front strap falls down when not strapped in; required a little manual repositioning after strapping in. Can potentially be mitigated by swapping the left/right front straps (?).
  4. Weight is not an issue (Flows aren't significantly heavier than other conventional bindings). Myth: busted.
  5. If you have big feet (as in, really big...15+); you might have issues fitting into these bindings.
  6. The LSR ratchets sometimes don't actually 'lock' to prevent the strap from tightening if bumped. This may be due to a faulty set of ratchets/ladders (which Flow may replace under warranty), or simply a faulty design (ladder plastic not being thick enough for the ratchet to really bite into)
  7. You cannot (officially) swap the hybrid strap/toe cap for a traditional Flow powerstrap (i.e. Flow don't sell a conversion kit). That said, at least one person has managed to Frankenstein their set.

I think that's most of the key issues covered. As I said, this is all based on the vibe I got from reading this thread from start to finish. Your mileage may vary.

Now for my comments/questions....

I'm from the southern hemisphere, so the new 2014 models shown at SIA won't be ready in time for our season (Jun-Sep); hence I'm looking at picking up a set of 2013's (hopefully for a good price, as I'll be buying at the end of the northern hemisphere winter, ideally an end of season clearance sale).

I've loved the traditional Flow strap design for years. In fact, for me the NX2s will replace a trusty pair of 10 year old Flow Pro-C FRs...

(yeah, it's been a while...)

Regardless, I was prepared to take a chance on the new hybrid strap models (GT / SE), as I liked the idea of the toe cap preventing my boot from going too far forward when strapping in, plus having the option to strap in like a conventional 2-strap binding when the situation demands (eg. balancing on the heel edge on a steep hill, where it's difficult to drop the highbacks down fully).

However, given the various strap-related comments (toe cap issues, LSR locking issues, ladder thickness etc.); I'm now not so sure...and perhaps I might just stick with the more familiar ATs (I think the RS might be a little too stiff).

Does anyone know what differences were made (if any) to the straps in the 2014 models? (Looking at the pics, I can't see much of a difference)

If the straps are largely unchanged from the 2013 models, then that would suggest that Flow were happy with their original strap design; confident to reuse that design for another year.

On the other hand, if the straps have changed significantly in 2014; then that might confirm what the commenters have been saying; in which case that would be a clear signal to stick with the tradition strap for the 2013s.
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