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I am not sure whether or not what she got was "fair" but I do believe she got what she deserved.

"How much is your jewelry worth?"
"Like Rick Ross" *snickers*

How is this taking the situation serious? How is this being respectful? She sat and played with her hair the whole time.

I am by no means "old" but I am getting there. I am totally over people like this. As others have said, I work my ass off to not be lumped into the stereotypes of my generation (I am 28). I took a job out of town to make sure that I didn't end up working a career and living with my parents like so many in my generation do. I manage all of my own expenses and bills. I own a house. Blah blah blah The point is - I do everything I can to not be one of those people.

This may come off as being a dick myself, but it is not intended to be - For those of you who think this is BS - How old are you? I would be willing to bet that most of the people who have an issue with this are younger than 30.

I got spankings as a kid - I deserved them. I see so many people that are un-disciplined. It doesn't have to be physical harm - it mainly comes down to the fact that children do not learn that there are consequences to our actions and they are not always fair. It is also learning to deal with this. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding when the guy in front of you was going faster? Did you tell the cop that? I am sure some people will say yes. Did you get a ticket? Is it fair? The real question should be: Were you speeding? If so, getting a ticket for speeding is fair regardless of what others are doing. In this video, we say its not fair because of our perception of fairness based on the prior consequence. The judge was punishing her based on her actions. If the other post was accurate about reducing her bail - then not only was she disrespectful but she was ungrateful. Don't even get me on how ungrateful my generation and future generations are...
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