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I would happily turn in all of my guns if the government and criminals did the same. Then we could go back to being men and fighting with our fists. At 6'7" 230lbs I wouldn't have a care in the world
lol at 5'9" 160 I might need to keep my gun...

Crazy story indeed. Im kinda rooting for him to if everything he is claiming is true. I can guarantee though that if they find him or he surrenders, he will not be taken in alive. Whatever he claimed in his manifesto will be just brushed aside as heresay by a crazy guy. The police will continue to be corrupt and do there thing. It hurts me to say this because my dad has been a cop for a long long time and I know he is one of the good guys. That being said, there is a certain kind of person that becomes a cop and you have to do some shady things to advance your career.

Cant wait for the movie...
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