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Originally Posted by SB4L View Post
This is truth my friend. Around here I'll take what I can get. Did 3 seasons out in BC & AB, and it hurts me to even consider what I am calling a pow day here. But hey, that's life and you gotta take what you can get and if you really love it that much move out west! I will be moving back at some point in my life, ASAP

It's really hard finding people in ON who are dedicated to actually chase pow, let alone ride more than 5 days a season.

Wherever I go tomorrow I am hoping to get at least one faceshot
You don't find those ppl in ON b/c they either have never ridden pow and dont' know what it feels like or they have ridden pow somewhere worth it...and feel the cost-benefit is just not worth it here. I for one am not that dedicated to chasing pow on ONT hills...but thats b/c I choose to save my $ and time to go out west or to VT as much as I can. Burning a vaca day to hit up blue so I can avoid the God awful crowds is not really appealing to me. Add to the fact that I need to be able to take that day off last minute in light of a snowstorm is difficult...i guess for me I rather just bank those days and roll the dice when i head out of town. Thats just me though.

Funny thing...when I was a revy and had a 15-25 cm dump the whole town of revelstoke showed up on a Thursday morning...police, welders, school kids w/ was interesting/awesome to see the town shut down and appreciate a pow day.
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