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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
An up unweight is very similar to a pop. Most intermediate riders rise up to switch edges then drop back down into riding position and stay fairly static.

A down unweight is a very similar to a retraction where the rider flexes the legs rapidly and the upper body drops toward the board. When this happens, there is momentary near weightlessness of the board just like the pop that allows for quick, easy edge release and re engagement.

The advantage of the down unweight is the fact that it allows the rider to set their edge early and in a very positive manner in a fully flexed position from which they can slowly extend (rise) through the apex of the turn (fully extended and widest part of the turn). This extension, pressures the edge and increase rate of turn and provides for greater edge hold.

After apex, through the bottom of the turn, the rider starts flexing down again. This movements helps quiet board chatter and skid through the bottom of the turn. As the board crosses the fall line, the rider drops the rest of the way to full flex through a retraction of the legs and the process repeats again.

When the rider uses this correctly with proper timing in conjunction with proper fore-aft movements, the result are incredible for high performance turn on very challenging terrain.
Thanks Snowolf for the explanation. Regarding up unweight and down unweight, I think I am understanding a good part of it but not all of it after you kindly elaborated. The more I re-read what you wrote, I think the more I get the better picture. But I think I could only understand so much today. I will re-read it tomorrow. I regret I really could not grasp the 'pop' bit as well. The other thing is that, I have come across you using the terms extend/ extension and flex/ flexion in your previous posts in other threads. Those terms are so much more easy to understand. Is up unweight the same as extend/ extension, and down unweight the same as flex/ flexion?

I think the problem lies with me. I really could not picture where the apex is, and where the bottom of the turn is in your description without a graphical representation. I thought I knew where those points were but not anymore after reading more on your elaboration. Wolfie do you have a link to a schematic diagram of these points you might have posted previously in the forum? I am sincere. I want to nail down what you are trying to explain. Cheers.
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