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Wow, what a day yesterday

I'd have to say that was THE best day snowboarding, I've ever had in my entire life.

I now know, there is no place on Cypress that you can't go.
Never again will I have to search for powder.

Got there for opening hoping I would have first tracks on a cloudless day.
Not so much, it must have cleared up enough Thur night for all of it to get chewed up.
Now it was a bit foggy with light flurries.
Really disappointing.

Did one run & it sucked, got a bit of pow but basically nothin'. So I went on the hunt. Didn't have anyone with me, so I only had to worry about myself.

I went in the most treacherous place you can go & to my amazement, it was phenomenal No one goes in there & for good reason.
It has jaw dropping terrain, rollers ranging from huge to 30 foot cliffs.
A whole lotta cliffs & staircases, the whole thing is just so fuckin' steep, that everything is a jump. There are more cliffs in this one little area than all the rest of Cypress combined.
I need to borrow someones helmet cam, you guys need to see this.

The blizzard from last week brought a tonne of snow, but because of the high winds, some exposed places had none or very little.

Those winds didn't affect where I was, the huge old growth trees killed the wind. It was so deeeep, were talking 2-3+ feet.
If it hadn't been that deep, I probably wouldn't/couldn't have gone in there

This shit is no joke, I couldn't even get a single person to come in there with me.
I asked a few guys that I thought would be up for it.
Told them it was some pretty crazy shit, most of them were cocky & laughed.
They all said yes, but when we got to the entrance. You should have seen their faces when they had to eat humble pie

That's when I realized I could go anywhere, what I had been doing all day is without a doubt the hairiest terrain @ Cypress.
It's not even considered a run, it's "Danger permanently closed area"

From that point on, I just started jumping over the out-of-bounds fences
It was so dark & cold in there, powder should last days after it's dead & gone everywhere else.

Then @ roughly 6:30 I was talking to some chick who was using the air-bag, she said it was free all weekend.
What, what, holy shit, I booked it down & signed the waiver.

With all the recent snow the big kicker had less of a kick, but overall you went way bigger than any other time I had used it.
Combine that with the speed you could generate, holy shit.

I was doing the hugest laid out back flips, so big, they had to ask me to slow down my in-run because I was almost landing on the back bumper.

Stayed till closing 13 hours of riding

By far the best fuckin' day ever!!!

If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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