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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

Shred, I am addressing your point and not attacking you in any way for this seems to be a popular theme.

The LAPD has been one of the most corrupt police departments in the nation since that shit stain Darrel Gates was chief and it has not gotten any better. I totally concede that point. But, to give morale support to this guy is beyond the pale to me. I get "revenge killing" but he has killed innocent people who had no hand in the injustice this guy received. He is no hero, no martyr, he is a terrorist!

When he murdered that daughter and her fiancÚ, he became a pile of shit no different than a middle eastern Islamic Jihadist who blows up a 747 full of innocent civilians to retaliate against an unjust American foreign policy action that created a legitimate grievance.

What really distressed me about attitudes like this is it makes an entire group of people the enemy. Yes, there are rotten bastards on police forces across the nation but there are also decent, good hearted people putting their lives on the line everyday for the right reasons.

Some of the very same people with this attitude of condemning all police officers as evil are the same people who often vehemently scream the loudest about "supporting the troops" when someone point out the very few bad apples in America's military who have done far more heinous atrocities to innocent Iraqui civilians. Where is this sense of patriotism when it comes you first responders who do just as heroic job as the majority of the awesome members of our military?

Bad cops and bad soldiers need to be reported, tried and convicted for their crimes but in both cases, keep in mind that we should not condemn the good ones because of a few bad apples. I work with several Portland Police officers at the mountain and we have all gone shooting together at the indoor range in the basement of the Public Safety busing and from my experience, these are just my neighbors working a job to support their families and pursue the same things in life we all do. They put up with risks and shit that few of us would ever consider for a wage that is really criminal it is so low!

I hope this guy just disappears and LA is left to deal with their cops.

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