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My specialty is a delicious chicken parm. I like to crush up frosted corn flakes, mix in the normal spices, bread crumbs and grated parm for the breading, it adds a nice little sweetness to it.

Than I pan fry each piece about 2 mins per side or just until it's nice and golden. After each piece is fried to a delicious golden brown on both sides I lay them in a baking pan that I lightly coated the bottom of with marinara or whatever your sauce of choice is. Add a little more sauce to the top then I layer fresh mozz down on top of each piece. I personally go a little over board on this step but I also really like mozzarella.

After that I just bake it at 350 till the mozz starts to bubble and gets a golden crisp to it. usually by this time the chicken is thoroughly cooked but you can check with a thermometer if you aren't sure.

Other then that I also consider myself a master baker. Cookies, banana bread and avalanche bark are what I bake the most.
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