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Default Should I regret buying this Banana Magic?

So I went out again on this thing and have been ripping all day. Took no time at all to warm up and get in the groove. Rode everything on the mountain today. Gave a first real try at the park and it was good. Hit some rollers and launched the biggest airs I've ever done by far, along with a couple of boxes. Liking the board a lot now but it indeed isn't as forgiving and easy to ride as the Carbon Credit. It feels like my weight is pushed further forward, but it probably forces me to be a better rider and use a more proper technique with more turn initiation from the front foot.

Only problem is this happened...



Arg! Must'a hit some small little saplings or partially buried branches or something! Either that or something in the tracks coming off the chair. Most shredders would just say "Just wax and ride it brahh!!" but what should I do to repair it? It's not too deep but I've never got anything but surface scratches in my other boards. The first scratch on anything shiny is always the hardest to let go...
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