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Originally Posted by CheeseForSteeze View Post
go research about the Blount County Sheriff's Department and all the bullshit they pulled on the Tail of the Dragon @ Deal's Gap.

I live in Blount County, and I'm not familiar with what your referring too. The only thing I can find is mentioning a former Rockford police officer who allegedly ran a motorcyclist off the road on the Dragon. This was way before I lived here so I don't know many details, but I can say, people die all the time on that road. I've traveled over it to do some camping past the Fontana Dam area, and multiple times I was coming into a curve and was head on with a motorcycle in my lane, taking the turn entirely too fast.

Back on topic, I'm completely worried about the use of a military drone to enforce civilian law. I think this is setting a terrible precedent.
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