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Originally Posted by Joe Coffee View Post
Ok apparently I am doing something wrong because no one has had this problem. I can't find anyone on the internet having this problem and guys in skate shops said they have never seen the problem before. So here is what I am doing. Maybe you guys can point out something wrong I am doing.

Step 1: I put the M6 sliders in the channel.

Step 2: I put the binding on the board and put the two sliders up through corresponding holes on the disc. (Meaning both inserts are in hole 2 or hole 3 etc)

Step 3: I use a number 2 phillips screwdriver (Does a number 3 tighten better?) to tighten 13mm burton screws and union washers. I Tighten till I can not tighten them anymore.

I have been thinking maybe the problem is as simple as not having them tight enough? Does a number 3 screwdriver work better other than fit better in the screw?
Yes. Everything sounds correct aside from the screwdriver. You want a #3.
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