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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
No one is arguing for the LAPD as a department. It is known to be corrupt and I don't disagree with you that many cops are terrible and many departments are corrupt but two wrongs don't make a right.

The terrorists that masterminded the Pan Am 103 bombing over Scottland all had very legitimate grievances with America. America had shot down a civilian Iranian airliner by "mistake" shortly before. That combined with our heavy handed foreign policy and unequal treatment when it comes to Israel is a legitimate crime against their nations and they had a very legitimate grievance.

But blowing up a 747 full of innocent people who had no say in any of these actions is not a justifiable reaction. This guy took what was a legitimate grievance against the LAPD and then, turned that into nothing short of terrorist actions. That daughter and her fiancÚ had nothing to do with the corruption in the LAPD; they were just unlucky enough to be related to a member involved in the situation.

I agree with you. And I am sure that the countless families that had the "luck" to live near a house targeted for a drone strike over a "suspected" terrorist were innocent too, and had nothing to do with whatever war was been dropped over them.

Each one uses the means that they have. We have drones and Tomahawk, they have bomb vests...where is the difference? Who's started invading the other's house? We need to find the causes of the problems, not focus on the momentary symptom. Keep invading someone else's land, or screw their life, leave them with nothing to loose and full of rage and that's what you get! (after you trained them!!)
Are we really surprised after 60 years of imperialistic policies that the rest of the world sees US as the aggressor that it is?

PS who's daughter and fiancee'? I lost you there...

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