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Originally Posted by zoom111 View Post
If your using the wrong technique and keep trying, your just going to make it much more difficult then it actually is. Start with just that: technique. Be aware of what you are doing and how it effects your other movements. Start small and work your way up.

Start off with a nice ride-on feature and work on your form/technique. Your going to have to muster up the courage to get a bit of speed (going slow will make it much more difficult).

My problem is... I have done the features before...then something happened and I am not even at square one because now I am either too scared to even roll over it or just hurting myself trying...but know I have done it before, injury free so I am getting furious. Its a mind issue for sure.
Yesterday I did on a ride on, pretty smooth box 5050, then a little bit of rotation, then backside boardslide..I had almost enough courage to try frontside but cut my speed, WAY too hard and then we moved onto something else so I did not try again. So Im ok with that box.
But there is the long thin box I have beef with...I know I can do it but have not successfully done it once since a couple of really hard bails. argh. All. in. my. head.

I did have a fantastic spin day today...but I am not sure whether I should avoiding the things I am having trouble with and getting some space/time away or dealing with it head on.
As I haven't been snowboarding for a long time I have not had to deal with fear in the way that you need to for this sport .

Treegreen- I did have freestyle coaching all weekend which is when the new head injury happened and why I brought up this thread. I really didn't achieve anything. Just even more frustrated and upset with myself as I couldn't make myself even ride on a basic feature when i have done harder things in the past.
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