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I for one haven't seen any evidence that the guy committed those murders, well except for the word of the LAPD

I doubt if we will ever see that evidence since Dorner will never see the inside of a courtroom. Killing his lawyers daughter and fiancee makes no sense, he started this to clear his name, killing innocents doesn't accomplish that. Shooting at other officers could be taken as a enemy combatant situation, but to go out of the way to create collateral damage is completely out there. Does anyone have any links to more evidence in those 2 murders? Something besides the MSM telling us "because the LAPD said so"

I can accept maybe the guy went batshit crazy and rationalized those 2 murders, but it seems like he has more of a plan then that. The botched boat theft, he leaves a wallet, was it a fuck up, or an attempt to throw off the scent? Shoot it out near some on his target list, target of opportunity, or distraction to focus more resources in that area to make a get away? Next they find his burned out truck in the mountains and he's long gone. What if he turns up 1000's of miles away with evidence that the first 2 murders were a frame up? It's funny how everyone has convicted the guy with nothing more then what the MSM tells us.

We are so conditioned to believe the snapped gone crazy story that is being spun. Yup he went nuts an started killing everybody, plays well in the media, we are used to it. What doesn't play well, is a well thought out plan to expose widespread corruption. I for one hope it is the latter, there needs to be some drastic actions to expose the corruption in our government.

On a different note, they are going to use drones to "search" for him Giggitty

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