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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
For years I'd drag a full size gas grill to the lake with me when we'd go camping. Last year I got sick of it lol. I started pre making meals and wrapping it up in tinfoil to cook above a fire. My campsite fajitas are legendary
My first time backcountry camping I brought in a couple pork chops (I pre-seasoned them), a can of maple beans, and a little fold up grill. Had a good fire for a while, then took the coals and levelled them out between two brick shaped rocks. Setup my own little charcoal barby! I've never enjoyed pork and beans as much as I did that night!

Okay as far as recipes go, I can't take the credit for this one but this is my method of cooking steak. The best thing I ever did was to stop BBQing it!

1) Pre-salt or marinade if you want... I sometimes pre-salt and I sometimes don't

2) Insert a digital thermometer into the thickest part of the steak, place on a cookie sheet, and bake in the oven at about 200 deg F

3) Once the internal temp of the steak reaches 95 deg F (about 20 mins for steak from the fridge), pull them out, pat them dry with a paper towel on both sides, season, and slap into a hot cast iron pan

4) Fry in the cast iron pan with NO OIL, I usually have my burner on about 7/10. I use no oil for rib eye and some striploins. If you're cooking leaner cuts you may need a very small amount of fat so it doesn't stick. Cook for a total of 3 mins (flipping half way throught) for medium-rare if the steak is 1-1.5" or so. Your goal in frying is not to cook the steak, but to create a nice crunchy crust on the outside.

5) As with all steaks, let it rest for a couple minutes before eating... For seasoning I just like salt and pepper.

I got this method from another forum member, and steak hasn't been the same since. I like medium rare and this ensures that the outside has a crust, and the inside is ALL medium rare, instead of having layers of grey meat with a med-rare strip in the middle.

Another thing I like to use with most of my veggies, stir fries, and onion frying is verjus. It's unripe grape juice. When vinyards cull their vines in the middle of the summer (it produces more sugar for the grapes that are left) they take the unripe grapes and press them. The juice that comes out is verjus, and it can be used in place of vinegar while cooking.

Whenever I make french onion soup, ginger beef onion soup, or just fry up some onions of veggies I splash a little verjus in the pan to give it a mildly sweet grape flavour.
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