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Originally Posted by DrEwTiMe View Post
My previous bindings are like 7 years old and have zero bells and whistles, but canting seems to be something that I may not regret now but down the road will be kicking myself for overlooking. Am I correct to hold canting in the " make or break" category in looking for a purchase? I have herd a lot of people rave about them, and had a chance to ride them for a day when I tried the Maestro's and felt like I could run a marathon after an 8 hour day of boarding.

These also don't have canting as i can tell but for 200 bucks I would me more inclined to overlook this as they are definitely affordable. These may even be a great upgrade for my secondary Salomon deck. But I gotta look for my DH2 for now

These obviously aren't going to available for another 6 or so months correct since they are gonna drop right before the new year?
I really don't care about canting. Maybe the 3.5 degree beds are noticable but I run a 24.75-25 inch stance and no amount of canting I've tried has been noticable to me. But I've only tried canted bindings, I've never owned one. Maybe if I had ridden one full time and went to a 0 cant I'd notice. Who knows but it's not make or break for me.

Honestly the Phantoms are a really good binding. Flex, Ankle strap and highbacks are make or break for me and I'd say they're good in all 3. One thing I don't like about them is their dampening system is air bag and they blow out as the plastic breaks down.
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