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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

Here's more on the daughter and her fiancÚ. Sounds like this Radall Quann was not his lawyer as that other news report indicated but rather an LAPD captain who represented Mr. Dorner before the review board. What I am gathering from this is that Mr. Dorner was angry because he felt that Randall Quann failed in his defense and because Mr. Dorner had no family, he sought to rob Randall Quann of his and later allegedly taunted Mr. Quann after the murders.

Like I have been saying, this guy is nothing more than just another psychopath murderer and should not be glorified as some champion of justice or a martyr. He was fired from his job at the LAPD. All of us at one time or another have been fired for what we feel are bullshit reasons. But we moved on and bettered ourselves, we didn't take up weapons and go back to our former employer and kill a bunch of innocent people. This guy is a piece of shit nut job and I for one am glad that the taxpayers of California will not incur the cost of trying and incarcerating him.
Thanks Wolf, I figured there will be a flood of details the media will flog to death. Just another nutjob rampaging lol. The thing I found interesting were how many people were standing behind him, kind of says something in itself about the world we live in. Hell, I even held out a little hope that it wasn't all as it appeared. I would've rather seen him go to court, but now all there is left is a burned body. One of the things that caught my eye as strange was his burned out truck, I saw a couple pics that looked like it had bullet holes in it. That says to me, they found it intact, shot it, and burned it. Why would you shoot it if it was already burned? Who knows, it goes to tinfoilhatland now...we'll probably never know what really happened.

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Well in the wake if it this guy will b gone and the police still have to answer for their actions
2 weeks paid vaca...cough cough...I mean paid admin leave probably be a donut restriction as well.
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