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I go alone about all the time because I don't want to wait for people to find the time to go up together. I only go to bars, clubs, parties with friends. But I go snowboard by myself.

But going by myself, I don't need to worry about losing them and I can focus on getting a clean run. Plus it will ruin my day if I go with a noob who is falling all the time and is unable to ride down anything blue square or above.

I had a guest who came with me because he wanted to try snowboarding. But he didn't even want to wear the proper gear I offered him, he wanted to go his jeans and sweater and ended up getting super soaked. I think we only rode like 3 runs and he was already done for the day, we didn't even ride for an hour! I thought it was kind of lame he wanted to take pics of him pretending to ride so he can post it on facebook.

So yeah I do try going with friends sometimes, but it's not my priority because I also know they can hold me up if they barely ride.
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