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I know almost nothing of this incident, but I do know this much.

I need to see real evidence that adds up and makes sense before I label anyone a murderer or a terrorist.

Just as I need to see real evidence of weapons of mass destruction and proof of intent to use them before I will condone an act of war.

Mass media saying so means absolutely nothing to me. Government saying so means the same. We need to stop being told what to think and learn to think for ourselves.

People have become so incredibly stupid that they will believe in blatant lies if the right buttons are pushed.

1700 qualified engineers and architects tell us the 9/11 official story was full of impossibilities and needs a new full inquiry.

400 plus professors, 200 military and intelligence personnel, 250 pilots, 400 medical professionals all say the same.

They have all signed a petition at patriots question 9/11.

Police brutality, corruption and abuse of power is rampant all over the world.

Now I know their are good cops, genuine people who care and try to do a good job of protecting citizens. I also do not condone murdering anyone.

Some in this thread claim there are as many good cops as bad ones.

I have no hard data, but IMO you are being hugely optimistic with this statement (perhaps it is dependent on the region).

What is for sure is that some LA Police are happy to shoot up and possibly kill citizens (not to mention dogs) if they feel so inclined, even though there is no real evidence to warrant these shootings.

Drones on US soil?

False fear and mass hysteria are being used to manipulate people into thinking these "measures" are necessary "for your own safety".

If we don't wake up and start thinking for ourselves we will be railroaded further down this path of control and loss of liberty.
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