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Hey Eastside - I've been dealing with the same thing. I ride regular and for the past 2 years I've had pain behind my right knee. I've tried all kinds of stance and angles. I was sick about 4 weeks ago with Pneumonia and did not go snowboarding for 2 weeks. We usually go every weekend. During that time off my knee, I bought some new K2 Cinch Tryst bindings that have 3 degree canting and harhmellow cushions on them. The first day on the board was GREAT! My stance is 20 1/2 (I'm 5'4"). My angles are 15 for my left foot and 21 for my right - over emphasized duck. I had no pain and not sure if being off my sore knee for 2 weeks and giving it a chance to heal helped, or if it's the bindings or the new angle stance I tried. Anyhow, I've gone three weeks now and no pain - and normally I can only go about 4 hours and have to come back and ice my knee. So, there's my scenario..... then again, I'm more than likely much older that you = young buck!

p.s. I used to wear a brace also - but haven't since I started riding after the Pnuemonia.
I learned to snowboard at 50! woo hoo!

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