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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
You have to practice toe side and heel side. The setup carve really helps to control speed and you can boost out of a carve too if you need the extra oomf to clear.

Not sure but I seem to recall those jumps that he is hitting straight and flat basing were really small, but maybe he was doing it on the big ones too.

Flat basing without turning into a jump is just asking for it imo

disclaimer: I'm an old learner, not a young expert.
Need to address the difference between setup carve and how you leave the jump. The setup carves are your run in, or speed checks etc. Setting a base to jump off is for spins, you should leave flat for straight airs always, if not you are asking for trouble. You should review those videos again and watch jumping with Jussie its good too. I'm positive if your still learning straight airs this will help you feel more solid in the air than leaving off an edge.

Flat basing without turning into a jump is just asking for it imo

100% the opposite. I drop from the same spot every time straight at it, no chance of scrubbing speed during my setup carves and coming up short, no overthinking, just 100% consistant speed and a nice calm run in to the jump. I'm not saying just flat out bomb every jump you see without knowing where to drop from.
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