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Originally Posted by jml22 View Post
So easy with the anti inflammatories dont take too much. Remember inflammation is good in this situation, it allows your body to heal the area.
Since level 3 does not exist on any grading system and any medical professional worth a damn in orthopedics should know them I would have to say goto the ortho.

They should have measured the X-rays to see how far your clavicle is above the acromion, did they do that? If they didnt, call them get a copy of your x ray bring it to the ortho or shit post it online lol. First of all when we're talking a grade 3 sepration it's like BOOM there it is. If it's a small bump it coudl just be a grade one.

If you do not have a significant bump i would say you don't have to be worried about an ortho SCARING you into surgery, but i havne't seen it so i cannot say. It's best to get it checked out by an ortho, i'm just providing re assurance. Also even if it is a grade 3 tear, sometimes surgeries fail and you can rehab out of the pain and be fully functional, the body is amazing eh?
I have a friend who had a grade 4 tear had surgery, it failed and now he has a bolt floating around the area. The only thing you have to be conscious of is Scapular movements and the joint being inflamed or degenerated in the future.

So for your trip, if you're absolutely gonig to go, just cruise, stick to greens and play it safe. I wouldnt reccomend it because since the area is injured already, it's very easy to re-injure it.

Go see an ortho to be sure, just don't jump into surgery because they often fail and a lot of the time you can rehab out of it... Since you'll have to do rehab anyways if you have srugery, might aswell just start with rehab and healing.
Awesome, thanks again so much for all of your help! I will definitely take it easy with the anti-inflammatory meds. They did not measure anything on my x-rays, at least not as far as I know, so I will obtain them to show the ortho next week. I looked at some pictures of shoulder separation bumps, and mine seems to be no where near the point of a grade 3 or 4. I know that is subjective, but the bump really is not that big. I am definitely not going to be pushing for the surgery route as I would much rather try to rehab it, especially with the risk of re-injury in action sports.

If I do go on my trips, I will absolutely stick to greens and just go cruising around. I bought upper body armor as well that I will be wearing for all future riding, especially since I ride so aggressively.

Again, thanks for your help!
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