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there is nothing wrong with a socialised health care system. such a system endeavours to provide a healthy community and thus work force and thus nation.

the problem lies in the form of 'health tourists' ie those from less wealthy nations, who have no or inferior health systems, who visit coutries with free health care with the deliberate agenda to 'become ill' and thus necessitate the provision of free health care without having contributed a penny to it thru tax monies.

the burden on the system exceeds both its finance and all other resources and the system breaks down for everyone.

when growing up in a small-ish west country town, the health given to me and my family was exceptional.... in fact it remains impeccable to this day for certain 'long term ill' relatives of mine. in london however, it is over stretched and ineffective.

consequently, to gain the adequate degree of attention, you need to queue in practice waiting rooms, make constant appointments and scream and shout to get noticed. let's face it, the amount of fuss made is often proportional to the serverity of the ailment being suffered. but then unemployed bludgers are affordedmore time to such ends than those trying to get on with life....

in short, socialised health care is excellent, but is vulnerable to cheats

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