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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
I like a private system. I belive you get better total care than with a socialist system. Sure you have to pay for health insurance. but you pay for it in a socialist system as well. Its called taxes. Canada for example has a 50% tax. why so high?? because that includes medical.
Your information is incorrect.

Tax Rates of the US compared to Canada:


15-29% (federal)

4-17.95% (provincial)

No Payroll Tax

United States:

0-35% (federal)
0-10.3% (state)

Payroll Tax

15.3% (federal)

Canadian tax system includes excellent public schooling, health care and 66% post secondary tuition. Overall taxes may be slightly lower in teh US, but we get much better value for our tax dollar.

My point being you pay for it anyway. Nothing is free so you might as well have total control. Plus the medical profession doesnt like the socialist way..Proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the doctors who come from Canada to practice here in the US.

Why wait in line...and ..AND if ur really sick why waite six months to a year for a catscan??? many die before they even get a chance for treatment that way.
Please point to your sources of people that have waited six months for a ncessary cat scan, and especially those that have died while waiting.

Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
And one other thing. If Obi ever does get the chance for a socialist society of medical coverage then he will fuck it up big time. Reason being you cant behead a monster that has been around for ever... you cant. The Medical profession will stomp any effort he has out quickly. They are more powerfull than the govt is and if you think they want obi and company paying them based on what THEY think??/

Welcome to reality obi...they (including the prescription drug industry) will tell you to fuck off


Dr. Wolfie makes 3 million dollars a year as a private physician. He has over 25 years experience, a well documented and well respected physician. Do u think he is going to settle for $25.00 for each doctor visit, $200.00 for each surgury he performs, $175 per baby delivered??? no way in hell.

Dr. Wolfie stands to loose 40- 60% of his annual income if he allows a government to pay him for services he has been getting paid by the private system for years.
Again, where do you get your numbers?

Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
Ok Im gonna put this to bed here. True, not everyone can afford and does have health insurance. Many adults go without it...HOWEVER that does NOT mean they will get refused treatment and if they truly do not have any money to pay for it then there are many programs available where that debt gets settled. In New York State all children are covered under the " Child Health Plus" program. It is a minimal or non existant fee if you qualify(meaning you dont make enought or have health insurance). Again ALL CHILDREN ARE COVERED!

Every American can walk into their doctors and get treatment. A doctors office visit is $50.00, prescriptions can be another $40.00(all without insurance). Now if you dont have the money they will bill you and as long as you make some effort of payment they work with you. Why can they do this?? because its a private system.

If you truly are homeless guess who pays then... I do! In the form of health insurance cost raises. Again even homeless get medical treatment.

Bottom line is just because you dont have Health insurance doesnt mean you get left out in the cold. Ironically its the Canadians left out in the cold when they have to wait six months for a catscan or three hours for a common cold. That dont happen over here and it has nothing to do with weather you have health coverage or not.
People shouldn't be going to a doctor for a common cold, that is what makes the Canadian system slow down.

Also explain, if the private system is so efficiant, why is it the most expensive health care system in the world?

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