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^^^ Good idea! (I started writing this at 8:30 this morning just after Casuals first post on this page...)

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
1. Do 1500 km on the snow for the year (did 1140 last year)
2. Do 40+ days (last year did 30)
3. Do more than 100 km in one day on the snow (current record is 87 km for me)
4. Do a 10,000m vert day (would be easy if I spend a whole day at Nakiska on the Gold chair)
5. Do some entire runs switch. I'm usually riding 10-20% switch these days to practise, and while waiting for others, want to get more into it.
6. Get as comfortable in the air as I was when I was in my teens and it didn't hurt to break things.
7. Don't break things.
8. Pull off my panties and start doing spin tricks in the air. Boarding for 21 years and I've never ATTEMPTED a 360. Pathetic.
9. Ride Polar Peak at Fernie, it's always closed when I'm there.
10. Ride a whole day of laps in the "Ultimate Steeps" at Lake Louise.
11. Carve harder than a hardbooter.
12. Ride more powder than a pow hound.
13. Get more airtime than a park rat.
14. Do 11, 12 and 13 all on one board.
1. I'm on track, got just under 1000 km so far and still lots of season left.
2. Again I'm on track, today was day 25 and there's lots of time left.
3. Haven't done it yet, best so far is 70 km in one day. Just waiting for the stars to align.
4. Same answer.
5. Rode some runs 95% switch today on the new play board!
6. I'm there, after last weekend on the Medium line at Lake Louise and attempting some of the Large features, my fear is gone. I'm getting at least as much air now as I did in my teens.
7. Don't want to answer this yet. Hurt my ankle at Louise but haven't stopped boarding yet.
8. Half way there, did some 180s today. NEED TO PUSH MYSELF ON THIS ONE!
9. Done! Multiple times!!! WOO HOO!!!
10. Not done yet, although I have done some multi lap days of the steeps. This might tie into the 10,000 vert day.
11. Rode with hardbooters one day, carved harder than a couple of them. Myth busted! On a whole they can carve circles around me though...
12. Waiting for the weather to turn to complete this one.
13. I'm certainly spending more time in the park than before, and most of that time is in the air.
14. I realized today that one board IS the best for me for carving, powder and park. Unfortunately I don't want to kill that board so I've chosen to ride a different board for park laps, but I'm still more confident and comfortable in the air on my main freeride board.

So far a great season!

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