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Originally Posted by NoOtherOptions View Post
I didn't know Incline Village was located in Vegas. Good news. Vegas > the entireity of the rest of Nevada except for winter. Fact.
WRONGO!! Incline Village FTW any time of year... and twice on Sundays.

Originally Posted by RockSteady View Post
I agree, I count my blessings everyday and appreciate the hell out of them...then I go ride...My favorite thing to do when I'm not riding is volunteering sometimes 10 hours a day at the Truckee Humane Society, I don't have the right to get upset. And thanks dude I always do, I appreciate the love.
<in my best Allen Harper voice> Dude, I'm up or adoption... if you/your parents are so inclined . Polite, low maintenance and housebroken to boot . Plus, you'll have riding company all winter long .
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