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I'm a sucker for big budget explosions, special effects, blockbusters and stuff that most people view as crap... especially if aliens, dinosaurs or superheroes are involved:

Jurassic Park
Recent Batman trilogy (2>3>1)
Pretty much any superhero movie... except Superman or the Green Lantern
Chronicle was pretty sick
District 9

I have the movie taste of a 14 year old. I just get bored if stuff is not getting blown up.

No Country for Old Men was pretty good.

I also have a thing for well done martial arts movies and zombie movies:

Ong Bak Thai Warrior
The Protector (to a lesser extent)
District B13 --> check this out if you like martial arts
I Am Legend
28 Days Later
Planet Terror

Also pretty much anything by Quentin Tarantino. Django was the shit!
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