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Originally Posted by NoOtherOptions View Post
It's awesome to be wealthy, and I'd love to take six months off to just be a ski bum. So congrats on that man. But drop the attitude, I don't care what Donutz says you were flame baiting.
I'll tell you what I saw, for what it's worth. Rocksteady started a thread that was really nothing more than a rant. And a lot of people rebutted him, and quite calmly IMO. After a bit of back and forth, rocksteady said the equivalent of "OK, I give up" and started talking about towns or something. At this point I got bored and stopped paying much attention, so I'm not up on the details. For some reason, this is when you decided to jump down his throat. I'm assuming it's a "local" thing since you seem to have a lot of info on the subject. As I mentioned in the PM, your phrasing was just a bit over the line. Right now the "infraction" thing is looking like more trouble than it's worth, but that just means I'll be going with "2 warnings then suspension" which really if you think about it isn't any better.

As to yours and other's comments about rocksteady (Rocksteady: Hey, I'm standing here! ) he is by no means the only member who is a PITA sometimes with the sarcasm or the attitude or the condescension -- nor is he anywhere near the worst. But let's face it, I can't spend my whole online day running around slapping people with a ruler yelling "bippedy boppedy boo!". So I have a line, and if you don't cross it I don't say anything, and if you cross it, something happens.

And yeah, you've been here a few years, and under the "old system" you would have gotten away with it, and rocksteady would have been bitch-slapped if he responded in kind, and he and other members would be saying "WTF???". We lost comeback_kid and streetlegal IMO specifically because they tried to be mini-shredlifes and couldn't figure out why they were getting in trouble for it.

So, I expect a certain level of civility from everyone. It's not complicated. At least I don't think it is.

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