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Originally Posted by NoOtherOptions View Post
It's artificially rich is my point that you don't seem to pick up on. It's a city where the rich hide their taxable assets. If you are actually wealthy and not just someone's rich kid (which I don't care if you are but you strike me as someone who hasn't earned his own money yet) you'd understand what I'm saying. You say "the income here is the highest!" that's only true because people from San Fran who live 90% of the time there buy a 2nd home in Nevada and list their holding corporation that has all their true assets as being incorporated in Incline Village. So when the statisticians roll through they go "holy hell! Incline is the richest area in Nevada!" it's a farce man. You act like I don't understand the area and I do. I understand wealth, I'm from Nevada as I've stated and I'm an attorney who understands the tax code as my best friend from law school works for a firm that manages assets of the rich (your neighbors). I don't care if you are rich, I work with, hang out with, and work for plenty of wealthy people. Most of them are modest, you running around saying "I'M RICH I'M RICH" makes me doubt you as having any actual wealth beyond a trust fund and generational wealth. Being born to someone isn't something to brag about.

It's awesome to be wealthy, and I'd love to take six months off to just be a ski bum. So congrats on that man. But drop the attitude, I don't care what Donutz says you were flame baiting.
#1 show me where any where on this thread I said I was rich
#2 the whole tax thing, that's all of NV, why do they all choose incline, could it be cause its on Lake Tahoe, hmm, stateline NV is the second richest city in NV, its also on lake Tahoe and where one of the Heavenly bases is. hmmmm. just a tax shelter huh.
#3 you made one correct point that I will agree with you whole heartedly on, the stat is actually over 80% of the homes in N. Lake are second homes- but that's Cali too, the fact is not many wealthy people are trying to live in the cold 24/7 in the winter, they come up with their families on holidays to their ridiculous second homes that they use twice a year and most of these people have more than a couple homes.
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