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I picked up a pair of last year's (07-08) Driver X boots to replace my old Driver Xs from 03 or 05. They seem to run 1/4 to 1/2 size smaller compared to the old ones. They're also lower quality than the old ones and don't have the neat flip-down metal ice spikes.

When I first used them I was shocked at how incredibly stiff they were. I was almost in hard boot territory. They bit into my shin on my trailing leg on the first day. Each day afterward, they became better behaved and by day 4 they were fully broken in, comfy and not as stiff as day 1. Doing backcountry hikes probably helped the break-in process along.

This is my first boot with that Burton speed lace system and I've only used them for a month so far, so I can't comment on the durability of that system.

I've never tried on an Ion, so I'll let other people tell you all about those.

To threadjack a little: Does anyone have any recommendations for a stiff boot similar to the Driver X?

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